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Nunez & Co. delivers legal services and solutions in a comprehensive and sophisticated manner with competitive pricing for clients. Experienced Partners and Associates deliver pragmatic and responsive advice in a collaborative and dynamic manner.
Clients rely on our collective decades of legal, business and managerial experience to provide legal advice and solutions to our local, regional and international clients doing business in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean.

Our working style is to embrace technology with efficient work practices in a paperless environment where possible, and with a view to ensuring that clients' deliverables are met in a timely and cost-efficient manner.  
We have a strong footprint in the Caribbean through the legal work that we provide to clients by working with international and regional law firms in managing and advising on mergers and acquisitions, financing and commercial transactions. The firm operates as a one stop shop for clients doing business not only in Trinidad and Tobago, but in the wider Caribbean.

Practice Areas

Nunez & Co.’s Attorneys have a wealth of experience in banking, finance and regulation, loan financing, capital market transactions, project finance, secured lending and securities.

The firm provides advice to clients on an extensive range of complex banking and finance matters as well as advising on daily banking issues for borrowers, lenders, issues and underwriters. The firm’s banking and financing lawyers regularly collaborate with the regulatory bodies in Trinidad and Tobago to develop innovative solutions for clients.

Nunez & Co.’s client base includes several national and international financial institutions and the firm’s Attorneys cover local and international developments from practical, regulatory and policy perspectives so as to effectively and accurately advise its clients.
The firm’s commitment to providing efficient and solution oriented legal services places it at the forefront of law firms in the region in the handling of corporate and commercial matters.

Nunez & Co. advises a diverse client base comprising of local, regional and international companies on all aspects of commercial and corporate transactions, drawing on the expertise and experience of its Attorneys in addressing the issues that can emerge in local and cross-border transactions.

The Attorneys at Nunez & Co. also regularly advise boards of directors of both public and private companies. The firm’s corporate and commercial acumen is comprehensive and reflects the aptitude of Nunez & Co. Corporate and commercial law necessitate an ability to identify potential risks and opportunities as well as a high level of due diligence which the firm is able to provide for its clients across regional and global borders.
The Managing Partner of Nunez & Co. has unrivalled experience in the area of Mergers and Acquisitions, and has been involved in all of the major M&A transactions in Trinidad and Tobago over the past 18 years.

The firm’s multi-disciplinary teams have a high level of expertise in both public and private mergers and acquisitions and provide clients with swift and practical support and advice to ensure that transactions are efficient and viable.

The firm advises clients on all aspects of M&A transactions looking at the overall framework of combining and acquiring businesses as well as the multifaceted considerations including raising capital, tax implications and cross-border elements.
Nunez & Co. has considerable experience in the area of employment law and represents both employers and employees in a wide range of matters from unfair dismissal to unlawful discrimination.

Employment law and industrial relations give rise to divergent issues at different stages of the employment relationship, the firm advises on issues such as employee-employer contracts, workplace heath and safety protocols, human relations policies, the transfer of employees due to mergers or acquisitions, trade union negotiations, disciplinary and grievance procedures, retrenchment and severance.

In its industrial relations practice, the firm often uses Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods to make dispute resolution more expedient, cost-effective and less contentious for its clients. The firm endeavours to create and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship between employers and employees whilst upholding the paramount business intentions of clients.

The firm also provides a full service of corporate and commercial-related immigration services to clients and its Attorneys work alongside local regulatory bodies to quickly resolve immigration issues. As the firm’s client base includes many international companies the provision of work-permits for expatriate employees is a critical service offered to clients.
The team of lawyers at Nunez & Co. have amassed between them a distinguished level of experience in the Energy Sector in Trinidad and Tobago. The firm represents several international; companies who are at the forefront of prominent hydrocarbon exploration projects in the region.

The firm’s local and international expertise and insight into the energy sector spans across transactions from the upstream to downstream stages of oil and gas production. Oil and gas law often overlaps with several other legal spheres including contract law, environmental law, tax law and employment law and the firm strives to maintain the symbiotic balance between these diverse areas in order to achieve optimal results.
Nunez & Co. has the benefit of having as a Partner in the firm, the author of the leading text in the Caribbean on non-contentious probate proceedings and has an unparalleled insight into succession law in Trinidad & Tobago.

The firm specialises in the drafting of wills, obtaining and resealing of grants of representation and all other areas specific to the law of succession. The firm’s probate lawyers place an emphasis on estate planning and advise on matters such as the choice of personal representatives and trustees, the creation of trusts and the distribution of estates.

Nunez & Co. provides expert estate planning advice and services with the aim of preventing contentious probate proceedings from arising and thereby providing the client with the most efficient and cost-effective legal service.
At Nunez & Co. our intellectual property Attorneys focus not only on the registering and protecting of intellectual property rights; including copyrights, patents and trademarks, but also on protecting these rights from unlawful infringement.

With the advent of technology, this area of the law is consistently evolving and the firm’s Attorneys are committed to remaining at the forefront of recent developments in the law. Nunez & Co. recognizes the value and importance to its clients of their intellectual property and is steadfastly committed to the recognition and protection of these rights.
Nunez & Co. recognizes that in today’s environment clients seek legal services that are solution oriented and time sensitive, especially in matters involving real property.

The lawyers at Nunez & Co. have a combined wealth of knowledge of property law, including the different systems of registration of land in Trinidad & Tobago, the transfer and disposition of both commercial and residential property and also current real estate market insight.

The firm’s real property practice also extends beyond the sale of property to advising on project development, financing, leasing, licensing, title to real property, and mortgaging as well as advising on land use regulations and working with the relevant municipal authorities.
Nunez & Co. has the benefit of 28 years of tax experience in the regulatory environment, the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago. The firm’s knowledge of the tax regime in Trinidad and Tobago allows for the provision to clients of technical advice in an area of importance for all entrepreneurial endeavours.

The types of transactions that are covered in the firm’s practice of tax law include the negotiation of commercial transactions for clients, public or private M&A, and investment funds. The often complex set of legal issues that tax law confronts requires a skill set that the tax lawyers at the firm can transfer to client matters to ensure that transactions are as tax-efficient as possible.

From a legal perspective, the provision of tax advice requires a detailed understanding of the relevant local and international tax laws and an awareness of clients' business intentions and the appropriate tax construct to most effectively realise their ultimate objectives.
Nunez & Co. is one of the few full-service law firms in Trinidad and Tobago which also practices family law. The firm provides legal advice on custody matters including child maintenance and guardianship orders as well as declarations of trust to regulate property ownership, divorce and financial settlements.

One of the Partners in the firm is the author of the only textbook in the Commonwealth Caribbean on family law and the firm has at its disposal a depth of knowledge of both the practical and theoretical aspects of family law.

The firm is conscientious of the sensitive nature of this area of the law and ensures that all family matters are handled with the highest level of care and attention to detail to ensure client satisfaction.
Nunez & Co. is committed to utilising Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as an alternative process in the resolution of disputes as opposed to traditional litigation.

Clients are encouraged to explore arbitration, mediation and conciliation as a means of resolving disputes more expeditiously and cost effectively. Nunez & Co.’s commitment to a collaborative client experience extends seamlessly to ADR processes, ensuring results that are mutually satisfactory to all parties involved.

The firm maintains that a client should be presented with all options for dispute resolution in order to choose the most advantageous and best suited course of action. The firm’s Attorneys who focus specifically on mediation and dispute resolution are well suited to achieve the desired results in this area of ADR.

Our Team

The firm is led by Marjorie Nunez, managing partner in practice for 29 years in Trinidad and Tobago. Marjorie advises on all areas of commercial law with a strong focus on M&A, oil and gas and project financing.

In addition, she advises corporations on general corporate law, securities, regulatory, insurance, banking, intellectual property, employment and real estate finance. Marjorie and associates of the firm recently advised on the listing by Touchstone Exploration Inc. on the London AIM and the Grupo Unicomer bond issue for US$350 Million on the international market. She has worked with a multitude of foreign investors doing business in Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and the wider Caribbean over the past 20 years.

The first five years of Marjorie’s career were spent working in the Treasury Solicitor’s Office where she advised the Minister of Finance (Wendell Mottley, former Credit Suisse investment banker) on the regulatory environment for financial institutions including banks and insurance companies. As a consequence, she is familiar with the country’s regulatory environment and has guided many foreign investors in understanding the regulatory landscape, especially in M&A transactions. A part of her career was spent working with a Wall Street law firm in New York from 1995- 1998.

Marjorie is well positioned to render the best legal and practical advice to local, regional and international corporations doing business in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean. She is admitted to the Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and New York Bars.

Email : marjorie@nunezcaribbean.com
Consultant who is an American trained Harvard lawyer with a strong focus on mediation, dispute resolution and entrepreneurship. Vicki was a former partner at Holland & Knight in the Washington D.C Office and advised Governments and oil and gas clients internationally.

As part of her pro bono contribution, Vicki is the founder of the San Antonio Green Market in Trinidad and has created opportunities for entrepreneurs to offer their goods and services at the market in a beautiful setting in Santa Cruz, Trinidad. Vicki also sits on the board of several Foundations in Trinidad and Tobago.
Jennifer is an Associate with the firm.

She obtained her Bachelor of Laws Degree from the University of London in 2012 followed by her Legal Education Certificate from Hugh Wooding Law School in 2016. She was accepted to the Bar in November 2016.

Whilst at Hugh Wooding Law School, Jennifer worked as a Student Attorney within the Legal Aid Clinic providing support on Estate, Land and Family Law matters. Jennifer also interned at Lex Caribbean in 2015 where she was active in the Litigation, Conveyancing and Corporate Departments.

During the course of pursuing her Degree in Law, Jennifer was employed as an Office Manager for eight years.
Partner and a former Minister of Finance in Trinidad and Tobago. Apart from being an attorney, Karen has her MBA combined with over 30 years of legal experience.

She has advised clients as a consultant in private practice on probate, labour law, estate planning and commercial law. She will be adding family law as one of her practice areas,having just written the only text on family law in the Commonwealth Caribbean.  She is a former senior lecturer at the Hugh Wooding Law School and the Faculty of Law, University of the West Indies.

One of her books includes the “go to” text for attorneys in the Caribbean on non-contentious probate proceedings. Karen brings a wide range of expertise to Nunez & Co. and is well known amongst legal professionals and business groups in the Caribbean for her knowledge of law and the regulatory environment for doing business in Trinidad and Tobago.
A commercial attorney of Trinidad nationality who is the founder of an internet company and is based in London.
Jonathan Crystal is an experienced and well respected commercial lawyer at the London Bar. Jonathan will bring his skills to clients in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean and will appear in Court to represent clients in litigation matters depending on the complexity of the matter before the Courts.

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